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"Actually, I’ve tried to get in touch with you a lot of times in the past three years. Did you get any of those emails?" "I didn’t read them." In the uncertain hours following Mac’s stabbing in Islamabad, Will reads the emails. Each and every one. (Pre-series AU. Complete, waiting for epilogue.) 

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Favorite Character Meme: Two Colors

Black [2/2]

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The Newsroom - Season 2 - Opening Theme

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You may ask, who are we to make these decisions?
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Sometimes you're not as cute as you think you are

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'Didn't you ever wonder why she didn't call you back?'
'You guys erased the message.'
'Well, you didn't know that at the time.'
'You know, I thought…'
What? You thought she’d moved on? You’re an idiot.’
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'Why can't it be fixed?'

'The trick isn't not minding. The trick is  f o r i g i v i n g  Mackenzie.’

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Emily Mortimer

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